Meizu Pro 6 will be something that other smartphone manufacturers should worry about when it comes out, if the leaks and rumors are anything to go by.

Meizu Pro 6

Another detail to take away from the leaked images is the Meizu Pro 6's ultra-thin bezels that allow the tech firm to make the screen a little bigger and make the overall look of the device sleeker.

Days back, leaked photos of the Meizu Pro 6 were mistaken to be the Apple iPhone 7. The source of the snaps claims that the devices came from an employee at one of Apple's production sites. Meizu Vice President of Sales and Marketing Li Nan debunked the photos, claiming that they are actually off their latest Meizu Pro outing.

As for the specs of the Meizu Pro 6, the flagship is rumored to come with a 5.5-inch Full HD display and a whopping 6GB RAM, although the standard model is getting 4GB.

Another exciting thing about Meizu Pro 6 is that it will be fitted out with the MediaTek Helio X25, an Meizu MX6 will use MediaTek Helio X20.

The processor will be exclusive to Meizu Mobile for the first few months of its debut as part of a deal between the Chinese tech firm and the Taiwan-based manufacturer. The smartphone is also expected to boast up to 128 GB of internal storage, which users can fill up with videos and photos they can capture with the flagship's 21MP rear-facing shooter and its 5MP selfie snapper.