How To Adjust Bass On Kenwood Car Stereo

So, you have finally installed a brand-new Kenwood stereo on your car. Congratulations! But don’t expect it to deliver the perfect melody as soon as you turn it on, though. You must still adjust some settings to fine-tune the music.

In this write-up, we will discuss how to adjust bass on Kenwood car stereo. Different music types call for different bass settings. Otherwise,  you will never enjoy the music in its purest form. So, let’s find out how you can do it. 

How To Adjust Bass On Kenwood Car Stereo

How To Adjust Bass On Kenwood Car Stereo 

Step 1: Access Bass Level

To tweak your Kenwood car stereo system’s bass, you have to access the bass settings. Press the adjustment button and select audio controls. Choose bass level. As the name implies, this level lets you decide what level you want the speaker bass to be at. 

You can turn the adjustment knob to increase and decrease the level of bass. The lower the bass level, the smaller the bass sound will be. By default, it is set at zero. You can set it to negative if you want subtler traces of bass. For more bass, turn it up. 

However, if you only turn up the bass without adjusting other settings, you might experience some rattling and distortion in the speaker sound quality. This happens because the speaker cones move too fast when the bass is high. So, you need to make other changes to fix the sound. 

Step 2: Set Mid Level 

After turning the bass level up, go to the mid-level. To compensate for the extra bass, turn down the mid. It will result in a deeper sound through the speakers. Midrange helps you balance out the effect of bass and treble. So, move on to the treble after you have changed the mid. 

Step 3. Set Treble 

The term “treble” describes the higher range of audible frequencies. Bass is low-frequency sound, and treble is high-frequency sound. So you need to reach a balance between the two to get your desired music quality. 

Access the treble settings with the adjustment knob. To make the bass sound more prominent, turn down the treble. If you want the bass subdued and want the high-pitched sound to become more noticeable, you will have to raise the treble. 

Step 4: Try Bass Boost 

As you scroll through the audio control options, you will come across a bass boost setting. You can enhance the bass sound with this mode. It is set off by default. You can put it to level one or higher, according to your choice. 

You need to be careful with the bass boost, as it could lead to distortions in sound quality. If you notice sound irregularities, turn down the subwoofer amplifier until the distortion disappears. The bass boost can make the low frequency sounds far more exquisite to listen to. But you must find the right setting to get the best out of this mode. 

Step 5: Set The Fader 

The fader settings control how much sound you want to come out of your speakers. Need more front-speaker action? Turn the adjustment knob clockwise to do so. If you want the back speakers to take center stage, turn the knob in the opposite direction. 

Since we are talking about setting the bass, we must mention that the back speakers play a prominent part in producing a rich bass sound. So, set the fader settings in favor of your back speakers. You should have a fuller bass experience.


What Is The Best EQ Setting For Bass? 

Bass music is low-frequency sound. It corresponds with 20-200Hz if frequency. So, set up your EQ within that range to enjoy bass in the best way possible. 

How Do You Adjust Bass Output? 

Go to the audio controls and navigate the options until you find the bass level. Turn the knob clockwise to raise it up, and turn it anticlockwise to bring it down. 

How Do I Tune My Kenwood Car Stereo? 

Press the SRC button on your Kenwood stereo to switch sources. Select ‘’Tuner’’ and then hold down the audio button. You will get to access the setting. Browse the tuner options by rotating the control knob. Press the control knob to select your desired setting. 

Where Is Equalizer In Settings? 

Press the SRC button and select any source other than the standby mode. Hold down the audio button to access the settings. Go through the options to find audio control. Enter audio control to find the manual equalizer settings. 

Final Words 

So, there you have it, folks! After giving this piece a read, you should know how to adjust bass on Kenwood car stereo. Go try it on your car right now. And if you stumble upon any confusion, revisiting this article should help.

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