How To Connect Bluetooth To JVC Car Stereo 

How many times did you pick up the manual of your JVC stereo to learn how to connect Bluetooth to JVC car stereo only to throw it away in agony? Trust us; you are not the only one out there! 

Many users find manual instructions difficult to understand. So, we have decided to write an in-depth tutorial that will help you figure out what you must do to hook up your smart devices to your JVC stereo over Bluetooth. 

How To Connect Bluetooth To JVC Car Stereo 

How To Connect Bluetooth To Non-Touchscreen JVC Stereos 

Step 1. Turn The Stereo On 

We will discuss how to connect Bluetooth devices to JVC head units without touchscreens, like the JVC KD-XD28BT or the JVC KW-X850BTS. To switch on the radio, locate the SOURCE button. Press it, and the stereo screen will light up. 

Step 2. Turn On Your Phone’s Bluetooth 

Now, take out your phone and switch on Bluetooth. The process slightly differs in iOS and Android phones, but you should not face much trouble finding the Bluetooth option. The Bluetooth option can be found in the dropdown menu in many recent devices. If you don’t see it there, go to settings. 

Step 3. Scan For New Devices 

When you access the Bluetooth setting of a phone, you immediately see a list of paired devices. Since you are yet to connect the JVC stereo to your phone, you won’t see your JVC stereo model there. 

So, scan for new devices. JVC stereos Bluetooth visibility is set on by default. Therefore, your phone should be able to discover your JVC stereo after conducting a full Bluetooth scan. 

Step 4. Pair The Phone With The Stereo 

Select the stereo name from your search results, and your phone will start the pairing process. Your phone will send a pairing request to your stereo. Accept it, and the stereo will connect to the phone over Bluetooth. 

But where’s the request? You see on your phone that the request has been set, and a pin code has been generated. Yet, you see nothing on the stereo display. To remedy the situation, press the ‘’SETUP’ button on your stereo. 

The setup menu will take you to stereo settings. Turn the control knob to go to ‘’BT Settings’’. Click the knob, and you will see ‘’BT Pairing’’. Enter ‘’BT Pairing,’’ and you will see the name of your mobile phone and the pin pop-up on the screen. 

Make sure the pin code is the exact same one as the one that your mobile phone is showing. If the numbers match, you can stay assured that it’s a secure and stable connection. To accept the pairing request, press the control knob once again, and the pairing will be complete. 

How To Connect Bluetooth To JVC Touchscreen Stereo 

Step 1. Turn On The Stereo 

If you have a newer JVC head unit with a touchscreen display, like the JVC KW-M150BT or the JVC KW-V660BT, you will have to do it a bit differently. Begin by pressing the power button to turn on the unit. 

Step 2. Turn The Bluetooth On Your Phone 

Now, turn the Bluetooth on your phone and search for new pairable devices. 

Step 3. Pair The Device 

The Bluetooth functionality in JVC stereos is always on. So, there’s no need to tweak the Bluetooth settings before pairing with a new device. However, you will have to delete a device from the pairing list to add a new one, if you already have the maximum number of devices connected via Bluetooth. 

When the phone sends the pairing request, it will pop up on the home screen of the stereo. You will be asked to confirm that you want to connect with the new device. Click ‘’Yes,’’ and the pairing is done. Sometimes, you need to put in the pin, but that’s just about it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do I Connect My iPhone To JVC Car Stereo? 

Turn on Bluetooth in your iPhone and search for the stereo. Once you find it, select it to send a pairing request. The request should appear on the stereo screen. If you can’t see the message on the screen, press the SETUP button and go to BT Settings and then BT Pairing. You should see the request now. Click the volume knob to accept it. 

Can I Connect My Phone To JVC?

Yes, you can connect your phone to JVC via Bluetooth. You can also do so via JVC’s smartphone app. 

Final Words 

Listening to music, podcasts, and the radio is a driving ritual for many. Since you now know how to connect Bluetooth to JVC car stereo, you can now enjoy media from your phone through your JVC head unit. Not to mention, you can also enjoy the perks of hands-free calling. 

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