How To Connect Bluetooth To Kenwood Stereo

You have got your new Kenwood stereo all set up in your car, and now it’s time to party! But you can’t get things going unless you know how to connect Bluetooth to Kenwood stereo. You want to play your special playlist from the phone, but to do that, you have to connect your phone to the stereo first. 

If you are using a Kenwood head unit for the first time, figuring out how to pair it with your smart devices can be troublesome. To help you out, we have created this simple, written tutorial. So, give this a read if you are having trouble connecting your phone to your Kenwood car stereo. 

How To Connect Bluetooth To Kenwood Stereo 

How To Connect Bluetooth To Non-Touchscreen Kenwood Stereo 

Step 1. Start The Radio 

Before we get to the recent Kenwood models, we will discuss how to connect Bluetooth to older Kenwoods, which don’t come with touchscreen displays. For example, models like the KMM-BT408DAB or the KDC-X696. 

Since we intend to cover everything you need to know about Bluetooth connectivity in a Kenwood stereo, we will try to be as detailed as possible in every step. We will start by telling you how to switch on the stereo. 

Find the power button. It’s usually on the left side of the stereo faceplate. Press it after finding it. 

Step 2. Enter Standby Mode 

Then, you will have to enter standby mode. If your Kenwood stereo comes with dedicated SRC and power buttons, it will be easier to do this. Press SRC, and you will enter standby mode. But in some models, the same button represents the power and SRC button. 

If the button has both the power icon and the SRC sign, press it repeatedly to enter standby mode. Once the unit enters standby mode, the display will read STANDBY.

Step 3. Turn On Bluetooth In Your Phone 

In most car stereos, you have to turn on Bluetooth manually. But Kenwood stereos save you the hassle. As soon as you switch on the unit, the Bluetooth gets automatically activated. If you search for Bluetooth devices, you will find your Kenwood stereo. 

So, take out your phone and switch on Bluetooth. If you are an iPhone user, go to the settings and then go to Bluetooth. Do you see a gray slider? Click it to switch on Bluetooth. Android users can activate Bluetooth easily from the drag-down menu. 

When you turn on Bluetooth, you will see a list of devices that are already paired with the phone. You will also see an ‘’Available Devices’’ section. You will find the name of your Kenwood stereo there. 

Step 4. Pair The Stereo With Your Phone 

Now, you might be looking for the name Kenwood to pop up on your phone screen when you are scanning for available devices. But the device name will be a much shorter one. For instance, if you are using a Kenwood KDC-X696, the stereo name could appear as KDC-X6**.

How can you find out for sure what the Bluetooth device name for your Kenwood stereo is? The name will pop up on the stereo screen when it detects a Bluetooth device nearby. 

You will get a Bluetooth pairing request when you choose the Kenwood stereo from your list of available devices. Accept the request on your phone by tapping ‘’ok’’ and pressing the volume knob. 

The stereo will show as a paired device on your phone when the connection is successful. You can also go to the Bluetooth setting of your stereo and verify the connection.

Press the button with the call icon and enter Bluetooth Mode (BT Mode). Go to ‘’Settings’’ and then ‘’Pairing’’. You will find the ‘’Phone Select’’ option. Click it, and you will see the name of the devices that are currently connected to the stereo. If you see your phone there, the stereo has been successfully paired with your phone. 

How To Connect Bluetooth To Touchscreen Kenwood Stereo 

Step 1. Turn On The Stereo 

The pairing process is slightly different for touchscreen Kenwood units, like the Kenwood DDX9707S. But the starting point is similar; we must turn the stereo on first. You should find the power button at the bottom left of the faceplate.

Step 2. Turn On Bluetooth In Your Phone 

Now, turn on Bluetooth in your phone so that the stereo can discover your device. Once the stereo name appears on the list of available devices, select it. 

Step 3. Pair With The Stereo 

Accept the pairing request on the stereo and the phone. Tap ‘’yes’’ or ‘’accept’’ in both cases to complete the connection. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Is My Kenwood Bluetooth Not Pairing? 

It could be a normal system malfunction, or you might already have the maximum number of devices paired with the stereo. To remedy this, try switching off the radio and restarting again. If you keep on failing, upgrade the stereo firmware. Also, delete devices from the pairing list if you have filled up the connection slot. 

How Do I Connect My iPhone To My Kenwood Radio? 

Go to the settings in your iPhone and turn on Bluetooth. Select devices and go to the bottom of the list, where you will find the list of pairable devices; the stereo name should pop up there. A pairing request will appear on your phone and the stereo. Accept both requests to pair your iPhone with your Kenwood radio. 

Final Words 

After you learn how to connect Bluetooth to Kenwood stereo, you might feel that it’s much easier to connect Bluetooth devices to Kenwood stereos than to other head units. Since you don’t have to manually turn on the Bluetooth in a Kenwood stereo, you can complete the pairing process faster. 

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