How To Connect Bluetooth To Pioneer Car Stereo

There are many reasons that justify your decision to buy a Pioneer car stereo. One of them is the pristine audio quality you get through Bluetooth connectivity in Pioneer head units. Wait, you don’t know how to connect Bluetooth to Pioneer car stereo? 

That shouldn’t stop you from getting one of these excellent head units. Let us help you get the hang of it. Here’s a detailed tutorial that will help you learn how to connect your Pioneer car stereo to your smart devices via Bluetooth. 

How To Connect Bluetooth To Pioneer Car Stereo 

How To Connect Bluetooth To Non-Touchscreen Pioneer Stereo 

Step 1. Switch On The Stereo 

If you own a Pioneer stereo like the Pioneer FH-X720BT or the DEH-X1750UB, which has a button-based control panel, follow these steps to connect Bluetooth. First, press the SRC button to switch on the unit. 

Step 2. Turn On Bluetooth In Your Phone 

Now, activate the Bluetooth on your phone so that the stereo can detect it when scanning for a pairable device. Whether you are using an iOS or an Android device, you have to keep the Bluetooth operational to connect to the stereo. 

Step 3. Access The Phone Menu On Your Stereo 

Now, look at the stereo button panel for a button with a telephone icon on it. It’s the phone menu button. Press it, and you will get to see a list of already connected devices to the stereo.

If you are already connected to the maximum number of devices, you won’t get to add a new device without removing an old one. If you have empty connection slots, you are good to go. 

Step 4. Go To BT Setting 

Reach for the control dial and rotate it to reach ‘’BT Setting’’. After you see the name ‘’BT Setting’’ pop up on your screen, press the dial like a button. In doing so, you will enter the BT setting menu. 

Step 5. Go To Visibility

Now, you are looking for the ‘’Visibility’’ option. Keep on turning the dial until you see it on the stereo screen. Pioneer stereos do not show up on random Bluetooth searches without user authorization. 

This is a common but useful security protocol that can keep your data safe and protect your devices from intrusion. To make sure your device can discover your stereo, turn the visibility on and then move on to the next step. 

Step 6. Add Device 

You are all set to add a new device after turning on stereo visibility, provided you have a free Bluetooth connection slot. Move back to the BT setting menu and browse through the options to find ‘’Add Device.’’

What happens after you select it? The stereo actively begins its search for a pairable device. You will see a list of connectable devices once the search is finished. Can’t see your device there? Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is on, and then search again. If the problem persists, try disabling your phone’s Bluetooth and turning it back on immediately. 

Step 7. Pair Your Device 

You should get a pairing request on your phone. There should be a connection key on the pairing request. If the same string of digits appears on the stereo screen, everything is okay, and your device is ready to pair with your Pioneer stereo over Bluetooth. 

What if the digits don’t match? You do see a pairing request, but the number that shows on the stereo display is not the same as the one you see on your phone screen. In that case, don’t accept the request.

Redo the pairing process and see whether you get similar numbers this time around. Matching pins ensure the security of the connection. It’s best to take no chances since our phones are full of vital information these days. 

After the pairing is complete, you will see the name of your stereo appear on your phone’s list of paired devices. Similarly, your phone’s name will pop up on the stereo screen.

NOTE: You can also complete the pairing process by scanning with your phone. Search for available devices with your phone and connect to your stereo. You will get a pairing request; the rest is pretty much the same as we explained above. 

How To Connect Bluetooth To Touchscreen Pioneer Stereo 

Step 1. Turn On The Stereo 

This will be your modus operandi if you want to play music from your phone over to your touchscreen Pioneer head unit. We are talking about models like the DMH-WT8600NEX or the DMH-WC6600NEX. 

First things first! You need to power up the stereo. Press any button to wake up your stereo from sleep. However, to switch it off, you will have to press the home button and hold it for a few seconds. 

Step 2. Press The Home Button 

Press the home button and enter the menu. Swipe left on the screen to find settings. Yes, we are talking about the cog icon, of course. 

Step 3. Go To Connection 

Your next destination is ‘’Connection’’ after entering the settings. You will find Bluetooth there. 

Step 4. Turn On Bluetooth In Your Phone

Enable Bluetooth in your phone, if you had not done it already. If you forget to do so, the stereo will never find your phone. 

Step 5. Click The Search Icon 

Now, click the search icon. We need to remind you that you will get a list of all connectable devices. But, not all of them will be Bluetooth devices. You will also see Wi-Fi and Apple Car Play connectivity options. 

Step 6. Tap The Bluetooth Icon 

Click on the Bluetooth icon so that you can narrow down the search to Bluetooth devices only. Now, you will see the devices that you can connect over Bluetooth. 

Step 7. Pair Your Phone 

Click on your phone name to oar it. If the phone was not previously connected to the Pioneer head unit, the stereo will initiate the pairing process. You will see a six-digit number pop up on your screen. Make sure it’s the same one that your stereo display is showing. 

Accept it and the device is paired with the stereo. Again, don’t forget to confirm that your stereo is not already connected to the highest possible number of devices. You are likely to have more connection options than older, button-only Pioneer stereos. But still, you can only connect a limited number of devices to the stereo at one time. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do You Put A Pioneer Receiver In Pairing Mode? 

Go to BT settings and switch on stereo visibility. Then, search for available devices on your Bluetooth-enabled phone. The stereo should show up as a pairable option. 

Final Words 

How to connect Bluetooth to Pioneer car stereo? The process varies slightly from model to model, but we have covered the basic Bluetooth pairing steps in classic and modern Pioneer radios in this write-up. Regardless of the Pioneer unit you own, you should now have no more Bluetooth connection problems. 

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