How To Delete Bluetooth Device From Kenwood Stereo 

You can play music from your smart devices on your Kenwood car stereo by connecting them via Bluetooth. However, you can only pair up to five Bluetooth devices at a time. So, if your pairing list has five devices, you need to remove one to add a new one. 

So, you should know how to delete Bluetooth device from Kenwood stereo if you have a Kenwood stereo installed on your car. We will thoroughly break down the process into simple steps so you can get the hang of it effortlessly.

How To Delete Bluetooth Device From Kenwood Stereo 

How To Delete Bluetooth From Kenwood Stereo 

Step 1. Access Setting 

Find the phone button on the stereo and press it. Once you do, you will see options like Bi-Amp Mode, Device Priority, etc. Turn the knob beside the phone button to navigate options. Keep on twisting the dial till you see the settings. Once the setting option arrives, press the dial to select it.

Step 2. Choose Pairing 

After accessing the setting, enter the pairing option. It should pop up as soon as you enter settings. If it does not, turn the dial again to find it. Tap the button to select the pairing option after finding it. 

Step 3. Enter Device Delete 

After entering the pairing option, you will see the phone select option. Turn the dial to find the device delete feature. Click the dial to enter. 

Step 4. Delete The Device You Want 

You will see a list of device names after getting into device delete. Scroll through the names by rotating the dial. Tap on the dial when the name of the device you want to delete appears on the screen. 

You will see a confirmation menu afterward. There will be yes and no options. Turn the dial to highlight the yes button and press the dial again. The device should get removed from your Kenwood stereo Bluetooth pairing list.

The screen will read ‘’complete’’ to confirm that you have successfully removed the device. To check, enter the pairing option and check the list of connected devices. If the device name you just deleted does not show up, that’s further confirmation that you did it the right way. 

Please, note that when you delete a Bluetooth device from a Kenwood stereo, all its information also gets deleted. If you want to access that particular device’s call history, messages, and other data, prepare backup copies before unpairing the device. 

Can You Unpair A Bluetooth Device Using The Kenwood Remote App? 

The Kenwood Remote App is an iOS and Android application allowing users to remotely control their Kenwood stereo. You can choose music, set the equalizer settings, change the volume and perform all the basic operations. 

But can you use it to unpair unwanted Bluetooth devices? Unfortunately, not! You will have to access the stereo manually to choose the devices and delete them. It would have been a handy feature to have, but Kenwood Remote App doesn’t offer that functionality at the moment. 

Can You Reconnect A Previously Removed Bluetooth Device To A Kenwood Stereo? 

Yes, you can reconnect a previously removed Bluetooth device to a Kenwood stereo. But first, you need to confirm that there are available slots in the pairing list. If the stereo already has the maximum number of paired devices connected, you need to remove one to make room for the new device. 


How Do I Reset My Kenwood Bluetooth? 

Unfortunately, there is no option for deleting all paired Bluetooth devices from a Kenwood stereo. You must delete the paired devices one by one to clear up the Bluetooth memory. To do that, go to the device delete option, select a device, and delete it. Repeat this process till the Bluetooth memory gets blank. 

Alternatively, you can reset the unit to factory settings. However, it will delete all your presets and customized settings alongside the Bluetooth history. So, doing it won’t be wise unless you have bought a secondhand car and want to reset the entire stereo. 

Can I Unpair A Device From Kenwood Stereo If I No Longer Have It? 

Yes, you can unpair a device from a Kenwood stereo even if you no longer have the device with you. All you need to do is to go to the list of paired devices in your stereo and remove them. The device is not necessary. 

Final Words 

Without knowing how to delete Bluetooth device from Kenwood stereo, you will face difficulties connecting your new device to the stereo. Once the maximum number of connections are made, the stereo will not allow you to add new devices without removing the old ones. 

We described the process in simple, easy-to-understand steps. Enter the settings, then go to the device delete option. Then go through the names of connected devices, remove them and you are ready to add a new device!

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