How To Reset Alpine UTE-73BT

The Alpine UTE-73BT is one of the hottest car stereos on the market. It’s an easy-to-install unit that offers a host of functionalities at a pretty attractive price. The best thing about it is its crisp audio quality. 

When you get your hands on your new Alpine UTE-73BT, you might feel tempted to play around with its features. And while doing so, you might get locked out of the device. If that’s the case, no worries! We are here to show you how to reset Alpine UTE-73BT. 

How To Reset Alpine UTE-73BT

Step 1. Switch On The Radio 

To reset an Alpine UTE-73BT, it must be switched on. If it’s not on, locate the power button and press it. You should see the stereo display light up. 

Step 2. Locate The ‘’(.)’’ Button 

Your next course of action should be to identify the ‘’(.)’’ button. You should see it between the skip buttons. To be more precise, look at the controller knob. There are three buttons on the right side of the knob. The top button is the skip-forward button, and the bottom one represents the rewind button. The ‘’(.)’’ button should be sandwiched in between. 

Step 3. Locate The Number 6 Button 

Then, you have to find the number 6 button on the bottom row. Look just below the ‘’PANDORA’’ inscription, and you will find the number 5 button. Number 6 is at the opposite end of that button. 

Step 4. Press Both Buttons Together 

Press and hold both the (.) and the number 6 buttons at the same time. Within three to four seconds, the unit will shut down and reboot. After the stereo reboots, the stereo will return to its factory settings. 

PS: This is the standard resetting method for all Alpine CDE and UTE series radios. So, if you want to reset other models that come from the Alpine CDE and UTE lines, you can follow this procedure. 

How Do I Connect My Bluetooth To My Alpine UTE 73BT?

Step 1. Press The Setup Button 

Press the setup button to access the Bluetooth feature. Look at the buttons that sit right under the control knob. The button on the far right is the setup button. It has a music note symbol, which should make it easier for you to identify it. 

Step 2. Select The Bluetooth Option 

You will see a host of options like ‘’display’’, ‘’general’’, etc after entering setup. Rotate the knob till the Bluetooth menu appears on the screen. Once it does, select it by pressing the control knob. 

Step 3. Choose The Pairing Option 

You will have to browse through multiple options again after entering the Bluetooth section. Look for the pairing option by rotating the knob. Tap the knob to enter once it appears on your screen.

Step 4. Pair Your Device 

Now, you will have to pair your device with the stereo. The Alpine UTE-73 BT lets you connect two devices at the same time. The primary Bluetooth slot is for audio streaming and hands-free calling. 

The secondary one is only for audio streaming. So, make sure to connect your primary phone to the first Bluetooth slot if you want to take and make calls while driving. 

When you click pairing, you will get the option ‘’set device 1’’. You can find the option to set up the second device by rotating the control knob. Click set device 1, and you will see the name of the stereo on display. A Bluetooth should blink on the upper right corner of the screen, indicating the stereo is actively looking for a new Bluetooth device.

You will see a pairing request on your phone if you keep your phone Bluetooth on. Accept it, and the stereo will pair with your phone. 

Once the pairing is complete, the Bluetooth icon on the screen will stop blinking. You should also be able to see a phone icon and a music icon next to it, indicating you are paired for both calling and music streaming. 

You can set up the second device by following the instructions above. We should remind you that you will only get to listen to audio with the second paired device. So, there will be no phone icon for the second Bluetooth device. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do I Reset My UTE73BT? 

To reset your UTE73BT, press the (.) and number 6 buttons together and hold for three to four seconds. The unit will shut down and reset. 

How Do I Clear Bluetooth Memory On My Alpine? 

Go to the Bluetooth option and then find the Bluetooth Initial setting. After clicking on it, your Alpine stereo will delete all connected Bluetooth devices. Wait for a minute or so and the Bluetooth memory will clear out. To reconnect a previously paired device, make sure to forget the stereo from the device’s pairing list. Otherwise, you will not receive the new pairing request from the stereo. 

Final Words 

There you have it, folks! We touched upon how to reset Alpine UTE-73BT and also went through some related topics. We hope we managed to address all your Alpine UTE73BT concerns in this write-up.

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