How To Reset Sony Car Stereo

Is your Sony stereo system acting up? The controls are malfunctioning; your presets are going away, and it takes forever to connect to a device. If using your car stereo has been a chaotic experience lately, it’s time for a hard reset. 

Don’t know how to reset Sony car stereo? No worries; we will walk you through the entire process in no time.

How To Reset Sony Car Stereo

How To Reset Sony Car Stereo 

There could be two possible scenarios. Your Sony stereo might come with a reset button, which makes the process incredibly easy. Even if it does not come with a reset button, resetting the unit will not require an excruciating effort. 

We will discuss the resetting processes separately so that every Sony stereo owner can learn how to reset their stereos. 

How To Reset Sony Car Stereos Without Reset Button 

Step 1. Identify The Correct Button To Press 

Take a close look at your control panel. Look for the DSPL button. If you can find it, press it and tap the back button. You can also press the MODE button after pressing the DSPL button. 

If you don’t have the DSPL button on your stereo, you might have a DSLP one. Press it and then look for the CALL button. If your unit comes with a DSLP button, it should also have a CALL button. Press CALL after pressing the DSLP button. 

If you can’t find DSPL and DSLP both, look for the SOURCE button. Press it and hold on to it for two seconds. The OFF button also serves a similar purpose. So, you can press OFF instead of SOURCE. 

Step 2. Switch On The Stereo 

After pressing the respective reset initiatory button in your stereo, the unit should switch off. So, switch it back on. The stereo should start with a fresh memory and a lag-free interface. 

How To Reset Sony Car Stereos With Reset Button 

Step 1. Press The Faceplate Eject Button 

The first thing you have to do is to remove the faceplate. It’s the plastic cover that graces the front part of the stereo. It should come off easily once you press the eject button on the unit. Look for it along the corners. Press it after finding it. 

Step 2. Remove The Faceplate 

You can lift the faceplate a little bit from the side of the eject button. However, you should not pull it out abruptly. If you do that, it could snap. What you want to do is to slide the faceplate towards the side of the button and unlock it completely. 

After you do so, the stereo unit will release the faceplate entirely, and you will be free to lift it out. When you remove the faceplate, you should see the reset button. It’s a tiny button that needs to be pushed by a slim, pointy object for a few seconds.

Step 3. Push The Reset Button 

Take a pen and put its tip on the reset button. Push it and hold on to it for five seconds. The unit should reboot and return to its factory settings. You don’t have to manually switch it on. 


How Do I Reset My Sony CarPlay? 

If the stereo freezes when you are using Apple CarPlay, try holding on to the home button for ten seconds. The stereo should reboot and resume normal operation. 

Does Sony Have A Reset Button? 

No, all Sony stereos don’t have reset buttons. Check the manual to know whether or not your Sony stereo comes with a reset button. If it does, it should sit under the faceplate. 

Where Is The Master Reset Button? 

Again, the reset button is not a universal feature in Sony stereos. If your Sony stereo features a reset button, you should find it by removing the faceplate. Remove the faceplate by pressing the faceplate removal button and pulling it out. After the faceplate is out of the way, look for a small push button in the interior panel. If you find it, that’s the reset button. 

What Does A Full Reset Do? 

A full reset of your Sony stereo will restore the unit to its original factory settings. All user data will be lost. So, make sure you are okay with removing all data from your stereo before resetting it. It’s impossible to retrieve the data afterward. 

Final Words 

It’s imperative to know how to reset Sony car stereo if you have a Sony stereo installed on your car. Any stereo system can crash at any moment. But that should not stop you from enjoying your music on the road.

Not to mention, it’s also essential to receive and make phonecalls without taking your hands off the steering wheel. So, reset your stereo if malfunctions or crashes, and return to your daily driving routine in an instant.

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