How To Set Clock On JVC Car Stereo 

How difficult could it be to set the clock on a JVC head unit? You might have had to change the battery or need to put the clock an hour ahead for daylight saving. But once you try to change the time, you might have a hard time finding the appropriate settings. 

No need to feel frustrated. We are here to show you how to set the clock on the JVC car stereo. Patiently stay with us for the next few minutes, and you will get the hang of it without breaking a sweat. 

How To Set Clock On JVC Radio 

How To Set Clock On Non-Touch JVC Units 

Step 1. Switch On The Unit 

If you own a non-touch JVC stereo like the KD-X370BTS, here’s how you should proceed. First, make sure the unit is on. If it isn’t, switch it on by pressing the power button. You should find it in the top left corner of the faceplate. Press it and wait for the interface to load.

Step 2. Identify The Menu Button 

You will have to access the menu after the unit turns on. Look at the lower button panel; you should find the menu button in the right corner. 

Step 3. Go To Clock Settings 

Turn the control knob to navigate the options and reach the clock settings. Click the center of the knob, and you will find ‘’clock adjust.’’

Step 4. Rotate The Knob To Set The Time 

After entering the clock adjust the setting, and you will see the current time that your stereo is displaying. The hour section of time should blink. For example, if the stereo time is 4:20 PM, the number 4 should blink. 

Rotate the knob to choose the correct hour. If the correct time is 8:35 AM, keep on turning the knob until you reach 8. Does it still show PM? Keep turning the knob; after crossing 12, the AM section will move to PM. 

How do you set the minute section? Click the knob after setting the hour. Now, the minute section will start to blink. Rotate the knob until you reach the correct minute value. After you are done, click the knob again, and the time should be set. 

How To Set The Clock On Touchscreen JVC Stereos

Step 1. Switch On The Radio 

Do you own a touchscreen head unit like the JVC KW-M56BT? The clock adjustment method would be a bit different, then. But we will begin just like we did the last time. We need to switch on the unit first. 

Look at the second button from below; it should be the power/home button. Press it for a second, and the unit should turn on. If you have used the unit before, you can move to the settings straight away. If you have not, you have to complete the initial setup before tinkering with the settings. 

Step 2. Press The Function Button 

Press the function button now. It should be denoted by FNC. It’s the third one in the row of buttons. 

Step 3. Choose Setup 

The function menu will pop up after pressing the function button. The setup option should be the first one on the top left of the screen. It’s the one with the cog icon. Touch it to enter the setup menu. 

Step 4. Choose User Interface 

You will get UV, Display, User Interface, Camera, Special, Bluetooth, and Device settings in the setup menu. You need to enter the user interface setting. 

Step 5. Choose Clock Adjust 

The user interface menu will show you Beep, Language, Time Format, and Clock Adjust options. You should pick the clock to adjust option unless you want the time format. By default, it’s set in the 12-hour format. You can move it 24-hour format if you want. It will only take a click. 

Step 6. Adjust The Date And Time 

You will see Year, Month, Date, Hour, and Minute settings. Under each tab, there is a ‘’^’’ sign and a ‘’v’’ sign. You can set the value lower by pressing the latter tab; the former one will move the value higher.  

Step 7. Press Set 

You will find the ‘’set’’ option in the bottom right corner of the screen. Press it to put the time change into effect. 

Why Does Your JVC Stereo Clock Keeps Getting Reset? 

You have manually set the correct time multiple times, but you notice that the clock on your JVC stereo keeps on getting reset automatically. Why is this happening?  Your RDS CT setting is most probably switched on. 

Now, what exactly is the RDS CT setting? RDS stands for Radio Data System, and CT means Central Time. When the RDS CT setting is turned on, your car stereo adjusts its time from the radio broadcasts it receives. 

If the station is located far away, it could make your clock radio show the wrong time. So, you should switch the RDS CT setting off to get the accurate time on your JVC stereo. But, how do you do that? 

Press the home button, and you should see a number of options pop up. Choose ‘’Tuner’’. After entering the tuner settings, click the left function panel. It’s the vertical panel that appears at the left of your screen. 

The function panel will give you a selection of options again. You are looking for the ‘’setup’’ option. Now, you should see the RDS Setting option. Click it to turn it off. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do You Set The Clock On A JVC KD r370?

To set the clock on a JVC KD r370, go to the clock setting by entering the menu and rotating the control knob. Choose clock adjust and then use the control knob again to set the correct time. 

How To Reset A JVC Music System? 

Find the reset button and press it. You need to hold it for five seconds for the reset process to take effect.  

Final Words: 

As you can see, setting the time could be tricky if you don’t know how to set clock on JVC car stereo. Now, you can change the stereo time on your own when driving from one time zone to another. The manuals could be difficult to comprehend, so we explained the process in simpler terms. 

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