How To Set Clock On Sony Car Stereo

Our mobile phones and wristwatches tell us what the time is whenever we want. But when you are driving, it feels a bit convenient to take your hand off the steering and look at your wristwatch or bring out your phone from the pocket. 

It would have been much easier to look at a dashboard clock instead. Stereo systems come with a clock, but many people don’t know how to adjust it. In this article, we will show how to set clock on Sony car stereo.

How To Set Clock On Sony Car Stereo 

Method 1: The Manual Setting Method 

Step 1. Access The Menu 

The first thing you have to do is to look for the menu button on your Sony stereo. Press it after you find it. Several options should pop up on your screen.

Step 2. Choose Clock Settings

You can use the arrow keys to navigate the options. In some models, you might have to use the volume keys to do so. Press the enter button when the ‘’clock settings’’ feature gets highlighted. 

Step 3. Set The Time 

After entering the date and time feature, choose ‘’adjust clock’’. There is no number pad on the stereo, so how will you input the time? You will see the time appear on the screen. First, you will have to set the hour time.

Scroll through the numbers with the arrow keys until the correct time arrives. Do the same for the minute section. Then, set AM/PM. Save the newly set time by clicking the ‘’set’’ option, and the time you set will start showing on the stereo screen. 

Let us explain it with a numerical example. Let’s say the time on the stereo is 01:32 AM, but the time in your area is actually 5:02 PM. So, go to the date and time feature and then access the set time option to correct the time. 

Use the navigation buttons to take the hour value from ‘’05’’ to ‘’01’’. Then. use the side navigation key to move to the minute option. Take the minutes from 32 to 02. Select save, and you now have the correct time on your stereo display. 

Method 2. The Automatic Method 

This one’s a much simpler method. Connect your stereo to the GPS unit, and the time will automatically adjust to your local time zone. It’s quite helpful to adjust your time according to Daylight Saving Time. You might forget that the DST is on, but the internet won’t. So for more accurate time, enable GPS in your stereo. 

Method 3. Take Out The Batteries At 12 AM

Don’t want to go through all these troubles? Wait till 12 AM, then! Take out the batteries of your stereo and put them right back in. Since the clock resets to 12 AM every time you remove the batteries, the clock will adjust to the correct time accurately if you take out the batteries at 12 AM. However, your stereo clock will be a few seconds slower. 

How To Set Clock On Sony Car Stereo: CDX, DSX, MEX, & WX Stereos 

The steps we have mentioned above should help you set time on most Sony stereo units. However, the CDX, DSX, MEX, & WX series stereos are slightly different in this regard. So, we will discuss the process separately for these models. 

Step 1. Access The Menu 

Power up your stereo and go to the menu. These Sony stereos come with an adjustment knob. You have to browse and select options using it. Rotate the knob and get to the general settings option. Tap the knob to select the highlighted feature. 

Step 2. Adjust The Clock 

A large collection of options are categorized into general settings, so you will have to navigate them to reach the ‘’Clock-Adj’’ option. Patiently turn the adjustment knob to get to it and then select it. Upon entering, you will see the time in hour: minutes: seconds format. 

Step 3. Set The Time 

Twist the knob to set the hour first. Then move to the left to set the minutes and then do the same to put in the second’s value. After you are done adjusting all three, click set and you are good to go. 

Why Do The Time On My Sony Stereo Keeps On Changing Incorrectly? 

Sometimes your Sony stereo might show you the wrong time. You manually reset it, but a few days later, you notice that it is displaying the wrong time again. Yes, resetting it takes only a few minutes, but having to do it over and over again could be a nuisance. 

It could happen because the stereo is picking up signals from a distant radio station which is in a different time zone. So, it will set up it’s time according to that radio input, but the time might not match your time zone. 

You must disable the ‘’Clock Time’’ feature on your Sony stereo to stop this from happening. Disabling the clock time feature will not remove the time altogether from the screen. But it will stop the clock from adjusting automatically. 

You can find the clock time option in the clock feature under general settings. Switch it off so that the time can’t change automatically. However, do remember to change the time when you move into a different time zone or the daylight saving time is in effect. 

Final Words 

How to set clock on Sony car stereo? The answer can vary depending on the model you own, but we have tried to give you a comprehensive lowdown on it. Therefore, you should be able to set the time on a Sony car stereo system, regardless of its model.

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