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How it works

1) Share Our Website

Share the products on our website to your social networking site, Car Youtube channel, Car forum, Car blog, etc.

2) Earn Points

Send us a screenshot of the link you shared, E-mail:

GizOK Free Gifts

3) Point Rewards

1 Car forum link = 20 points
1 Car Youtube link = 15 points
1 Car blog link = 15 points (a blog only counts 3 times)
1 Social Link (Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest) = 10 points
Note: Each social platform is only counted twice. For example, if you share 10 links on Facebook, we can only count 2 times.

4) When you win

When your accumulated points have reached the gift points, you can redeem our gifts.

5) Shipping method

1, Singapore post delivery, it is free.
2, DHL delivery, you need to use an additional 40 points to redeem in order to choose DHL delivery.

Free Gifts

GizOK Free Gifts