How to Remove and Install a 1999-2000 TOYOTA Camry Car Radio

How to Remove and Install a 1999-2000 TOYOTA Camry Car Radio

When you drive a car to travel with family or friends, you must play some music, TV programs or movies, so that everyone can relax on the road. In this case, you must install a multifunctional head device with entertainment functions, which can add fun to your long and tedious journey. Here's a Toyota Camry car radio installation guide from GizOK. If you have the same or similar dashboards, you can use them as a reference.

Before and during installation, you should note:

1. Before connection, please ensure that the ignition switch is turned off to avoid short circuit.

2. Make sure all loose wires are isolated with electrical tape

3. For your convenience, here are the recommended GizOK disassembly and installation tools.

How To Remove TOYOTA Camry Factory Radio

NOTE: The plastic dash panel surrounding the radio and air conditioner controls must be unsnapped from the dash in order to gain access to the bolts which secure the radio.

Pull out the ashtray at the bottom of the plastic dash panel. With your hands, grab the bottom of the plastic dash panel below the ashtray location and pull firmly until the plastic dash panel begins to unsnap from the dash. Continue to pull the dash until the sides and top of the dash panel completely unsnap from the main dash assembly.

The radio is secured to the dash with four (4) 10 mm bolt screws, (1) at each side corner of the radio. Locate and remove all four bolt screws.

Pull the radio out of the dash. Unplug the black cable plugged into the rear of the radio. Unplug (2) white plastic wire harness connectors snapped into the rear of the radio. The radio can now be completely removed from the dash.

Completing The Radio Installation

The radio is secured to the brackets of the radio/pocket assembly with four (4) phillips screws / 8mm bolts, 2 on each side of the radio. Remove all 4 screws and pull the radio out of the brackets.

Installation TIP:
If your vehicle had the oversized 2x ‘DIN’ Toyota radio instead of a pocket/tray below the radio, The Install Doctor STRONGLY ecommends mounting either a Toyota pocket or optional kit pocket below the the new radio. Toyota pockets can be purchased at a local Toyota dealership and the optional kit pocket can be purchased from a local car stereo installation shop.

The new replacement radio can be inserted into the brackets in the same location that the auto makers factory radio was mounted.

NOTE: notice that the face of the radio is flush or level with the pocket below it. This is important to remember when mounting the new radio in latter steps.

Insert and mount the radio/pocket assembly back into the dash. Plug the antenna cable into the rear of the new radio. Make sure all power and speaker wire connections to the new radio have been completed and all connectors for the new radio have been plugged in. Secure the metal brackets securing the radio/ pocket assembly with the same 4 bolts/screws that had originally secured the original radio.

Reattach the plastic dash panel back onto the main dash.

The Installation Is Now Complete

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