How To Connect Bluetooth To Alpine Stereo 

Bluetooth connectivity is one of the many perks that should prompt you to upgrade to a modern stereo system. It allows you to connect your phone to your car’s audio system and stream media. Also, it gives you the opportunity to make hands-free calls. 

The latest Alpine stereos also offer Bluetooth connectivity. Today we will show you how to connect Bluetooth to an Alpine stereo, in case you have bought a new Alpine head unit and are yet to figure it out by yourself. 

How To Connect Bluetooth To Alpine Stereo 

How To Connect Bluetooth To Alpine UTE And CDE Series 

Step 1. Press The Setup Button 

If you own an Alpine UTE and CDE series head unit like the UTE-73BT, CDE-172BT, or the CDE-175BT, start the Bluetooth pairing process by pressing the setup button. Look at the control panel for a button with a music sign. You can find it right below the skip-back button. 

Step 2. Choose Bluetooth 

The first menu on the screen could be ‘’general’’, ‘’display’’, ‘’Bluetooth’’, etc. If you find Bluetooth right away, enter by tapping at the center of the control knob. If you don’t see Bluetooth immediately, turn the knob until you get to Bluetooth. 

Step 3. Choose Pairing 

There is a handful of Bluetooth options. The one you are looking for is ‘’pairing.’’ It should pop up as soon as you enter the Bluetooth menu. If it doesn’t move from option to option by turning the knob until you reach pairing. 

Step 4. Turn On Bluetooth In Your Device 

Turn on Bluetooth in your phone so that the stereo can detect it when searching for new Bluetooth devices to pair with. 

Step 5. Set Up Device One

After you enter the pairing option on your stereo, you will see two options ‘’Set Device 1’’ and ‘’Set Device 2’’. In these stereos, you can only connect two devices at once. The primary device is suitable for calling and entertainment, but the second can only offer hands-free calling. 

Therefore, you have to pair your regular phone as the first device if you want to make and take calls through the stereo and also want to play media. Click set device one, and you will see the device name of the stereo appear on the screen. You should also see a Bluetooth blink on the top right corner of the display. It indicates that the pairing process is ongoing. 

A pairing request should appear on your phone. Accept it, and the device will be paired with the stereo. After the pairing is complete, you will see the name of your phone on the stereo display. You should also see a phone icon and a music icon next to the device name, which indicates that the stereo can both manage calls from your phone and play media from it. 

Step 6. Set Up Device Two 

After you are done setting up the primary Bluetooth device, you can connect a secondary device. Click Set Device 2 and wait for the pairing request to appear on the device you want to connect. Accept it when it does, and the device will be connected. 

If you want to connect another device to the stereo, you will have to remove one of the two previously connected devices first. 

How To Connect Bluetooth To Alpine iLX-W650

Step 1. Go To The Menu 

The Alpine iLX-W650 is a touch-screen unit, so there is no control knob involved. To access the menus, you will have to press the menu button at the bottom of the screen. It sits at the center of the button row and has a windows-like symbol on it. 

Step 2. Click Setup 

A number of icons will appear on your display. You will have to click on the ‘’setup’’ icon. It should be at the lower right corner of the screen. 

Step 3. Click Bluetooth 

Once again, you will be presented with a number of options on the screen. Look for the ‘’Bluetooth’’ option. It should be the second icon in the bottom row. 

Step 4. Pair The Device 

After you enter Bluetooth, you will see a list of devices pop up. You can connect up to four Bluetooth devices at the same time. Since you have not paired any yet, you will see four ‘’No Devices’’ tabs. There will be a ‘’+’’ icon beside each device name tab. 

Unlike the UTE and CDE series stereos, there are no restrictions on calling and media. That means you can manage calls and play media with all the connected devices through the stereo. You won’t have to worry about the order of connection. 

Click on the ‘’+’’ option, and the unit will switch to discoverable mode. If your phone has Bluetooth turned on, you will get the pairing request. Hit ‘’accept’’ and the device will pair to the stereo within a few seconds. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Won’t my Alpine Radio Connect to Bluetooth?

It could be because of two reasons. One, you have already connected the maximum number of Bluetooth devices to your stereo. In that case, you should be able to connect a new device after removing an old one. Two, you need to update your firmware. Install the latest Alpine firmware update to restore the stereo’s Bluetooth functionality. 

How Do I Reset My Bluetooth On My Alpine Stereo?

Go to the ‘’Bluetooth Initial’’ setting and select ‘’Yes’’. It will erase the Bluetooth memory of your Alpine head unit completely. For recent Alpine models, simply click on the ‘’-’’ icon beside every connected device. 

Final Words 

Thanks for being with us from the start. By now, you should have no problem connecting your smartphone to your Alpine head unit since you know how to connect Bluetooth to the Alpine stereo. 

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