How To Install A Subwoofer To A Factory Stereo

Have you been craving a richer bass sound in your car stereo? There’s no need to replace the entire stereo to improve the bass; you can simply do that by adding a subwoofer to your current setup. 

In this write-up, we will show you how to install a subwoofer to a factory stereo. Don’t feel intimidated; adding a subwoofer to your stereo can be a pretty fun DIY project. If you pay attention to the rest of the article, we are pretty sure that you would be eager to get started. 

How To Install A Subwoofer To A Factory Stereo 

Step 1. Find The Ideal Place To Put The Subwoofer 

Where should you install the subwoofer? Putting the subwoofer in a random location could be a regrettable choice. You need enough room for heat dissipation. If the place is too cramped, the subwoofer would be prone to overheating. You need to allow for sufficient air passage.

You would also want the subwoofer to be in an easily accessible area so that you can reach it to tweak the settings and clean it. The accessibility would also help when you need to do repairs, as there would be sufficient room for operating tools.

We would recommend putting the car in the rear seat or in the trunk corner. You can easily reach the stereo in these spots and there will be ample room for sound and heat dispersement. 

Step 2. Disconnect The Battery Of The Car 

After finalizing the installation spot, disconnect the car battery. If you leave the battery on while attempting to install the subwoofer, there would be a pretty high risk of electrocution. No need to take out the whole battery. Disconnecting the negative terminal will suffice. 

Keep the negative terminal wire as far away from other car parts as you can. Don’t try to disconnect the battery if your hands are wet. Wear protective rubber gloves to minimize the risk. 

Step 3. Run The Power Wire 

Now, it’s time to run the wires. Begin with the power wire. Connect it to the positive terminal of the battery and then run the wire underneath the carpet of the car floor. You can extend it all the way to the subwoofer. 

Don’t forget to connect the power wire to a fuse holder too. Otherwise, there will be a significant risk of short circuiting. It’s ideal to put the fuse holder as close to the battery as possible. 

Step 4. Run The Ground Wire 

You must also run a ground wire to maximize short circuit protection. The ground wire will extend to the chassis of the car. We would recommend sanding off the paint on the area of the chassis where the ground wire will connect. The presence of paint will compromise the grounding quality. 

Step 5. Connect The Stereo Wires To A Line Output Converter 

Usually, factory head units don’t process RCA signals. Therefore, you will need to connect the stereo wires to a line output connector to establish a working connection between the subwoofer and the stereo. 

Connect the stereo wires to their respective terminals in the line output converter. You would also need to connect a turn-on wire and RCA cables to ensure a smooth flow of signals to the subwoofer. 

Step 6. Reconnect The Battery 

After connecting all the wires to the correct terminals put the battery connection back on. Put back the battery terminal clamp on the negative terminal and close the hood.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can You Connect A Subwoofer To A Factory Stereo? 

Yes, it’s possible to connect a subwoofer to a factory stereo. There is no need to completely replace the stock stereo if you need a subwoofer. 

How Do I Connect My Subwoofer To A Stereo Receiver? 

To connect your subwoofer to a stereo receiver, you must connect the stereo wires to a line output converter. Connect the subwoofer to the line output receiver with RCA cables. 

Do You Need 2 RCA Cables For Subwoofer? 

A regular RCA cable will be sufficient for a subwoofer connection. There is no need to use more cables or a Y splitter. 

What Happens If You Use A Subwoofer Without An Amp? 

It’s possible to use a subwoofer without an amp. However, the sound quality will not be the best. The bass will sound muffled with a flat frequency. 

Do Subwoofers Drain Car Battery? 

Yes, the subwoofer can drain your car battery since it draws power from it. It puts extra strain on the battery like any other electronic component. 

Final Words 

How to install a subwoofer to a factory stereo? It might seem a daunting task at first, but if you closely follow our guideline, you can install a subwoofer to your default stereo system without any difficulty. 

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