How To Remove Alpine Head Unit

So, you got a new head unit and want to replace the pre-installed Alpine head unit from your dashboard. But, how should you go about it? If you are not sure, we are here to tell you how to remove Alpine head unit. 

You can remove the Alpine head unit using dedicated keys. But, no need to worry if you don’t have them. We will show you how to use alternative tools to remove the head unit. So, let’s get right to it. 

Remove Alpine Head Unit

How To Remove Alpine Head Unit 

How To Remove Alpine Head Unit With Keys 

Step 1. Disconnect The Battery 

Safety should be the first priority. So, don’t forget to disconnect the battery before starting. If the battery connection is live when you are tinkering with the dashboard wirings, there is a high chance of getting an electric shock. You wouldn’t want to experience that, would you? 

Open up the hood and remove the battery terminals with a wrench. No need to take the entire battery out; just disconnecting the terminals will be sufficient. After that, you can focus on the stereo. 

Step 2. Remove The Faceplate 

The faceplate secures the head unit to the dashboard. Therefore, you need to get it out of the way first. There is a release button on the faceplate, which you can find after a swift inspection of the stereo unit and its surrounding area. Press it, and it will come right off. 

Step 3. Take The Bezel Off 

The next step is to take the bezel off. Several plastic clips keep the bezel in place. Take a Phillips screwdriver and slowly pry it off. Start at one area and slowly move to the rest of the bezel. 

The clips are easy to undo, so you won’t have to apply much pressure. In fact, if you are not careful, the clips might snap. For that reason, you have to be patient. It will take you less than a minute. 

Step 4. Use The Keys & Extract The Stereo 

Now, you have to use the removal keys. If you look closely, you will find slots on the sides of the stereo. The keys go there. Push the keys towards the outer edge instead of simply going downwards. This will undo the side clips that connect the stereo to the dashboard. 

You can easily pull out the stereo with the side clips out of the way. 

How To Remove Alpine Head Keys Without Keys 

Do you have to buy removal keys for Alpine head units if you don’t have any lying around? Not necessarily. You can improvise with other tools. The removal steps are the same as before. You have to disconnect the battery and remove the faceplate and the bezel. Follow the steps we described above. 

The only difference is in the fourth step. The keys remove the side plastic clips. So, you need to use something instead of the keys to undo the clips. You can use a small screwdriver to serve as a makeshift removal key.

Slowly insert the shank of the screwdriver into the slots and push out the side clips with it. Exercise maximum caution while doing this. You don’t want to damage the mounting cradle. If you do, putting in the new head unit will be problematic. 

A safer alternative to a screwdriver or a knife could be coat hangers. But that requires some effort. You might have already figured out that you need to cut the hangers into smaller pieces before using them since they are quite big. 

You are correct! Cut the hangers into eight-inch fragments with a pair of pliers. Now, twist the heads and turn them into small U shapes. This particular shape will make it easier for the makeshift removal key to enter the slot and remove the clips. 

Insert the hanger pieces inside the slot and try to undo the clips. You will hear a click when you manage to undo them successfully. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is It Hard To Change A Head Unit? 

Not much if you have the removal keys. You can remove the unit easily. If you don’t have the keys, you will have to get creative and make do with alternative tools. That complicates the process a bit, but we won’t say it makes the entire procedure overly critical. 

Do You Need To Disconnect Car Battery Before Changing Stereo? 

Yes, it’s mandatory to disconnect the battery before changing the stereo system. In fact, you should disconnect the battery first before working with the car’s electronics. Why? Because there is a high risk of electrocution when the battery is live. 

Final Words 

How to remove Alpine head unit? It’s a question that can be answered in two different ways. We have discussed both removal methods so that you can complete the task if you don’t have any special tools. 

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