How To Reset Alpine ILX-W650

Once you get your hands on a new stereo, it’s not easy to resist the urge to tinker with its settings. We often get locked out of the system after making unintentional changes to the settings. 

If that’s what happened with your new Alpine ILX-W650, you have come to the right place. We will discuss how to reset Alpine ILX-W650 so that you can get the stereo back to its original state.

How To Reset Alpine ILX-W650

Step 1. Press The Home Button 

Press the home button to find all the options in the menu. You will find it at the center of the head unit’s bottom row. 

Step 2. Access Settings 

Look for a gear icon on the interface that pops up afterward. It represents the settings option. Tap it to enter. 

Step 3.  Select General. 

Then, select general settings. You should be able to find it right after you access the settings. 

Step 4. Click About 

You will get a handful of options after selecting general settings. Scroll to find ‘’about’’. Once you do, click on it. 

Step 5. Clear Settings 

After clicking on the about option, all kinds of device information will pop up on the screen. You will see the device name, serial number, firmware version, etc. You will also find a ‘’clear all settings’’ option there. Click it to restore the device to factory settings. 

You will be asked to confirm the action since all presets, and customized settings will go away. Confirm, and your Alpine ILX-W650 will get reset. 

How To Update An Alpine ILX-W650

Step 1. Google For The Update Link 

Alpine rolls out firmware updates for its smart stereos to iron out glitches and keep the performance smooth over time. Google the latest update for the Alpine ILX-W650, and the search results should direct you to the Alpine website page, where you can find the download link for the latest Alpine ILX-W650 firmware update. 

Step 2. Download The Files On Your Computer 

There should be a zip file with the firmware update. You should also see the link to a manual with the installation instructions. Download them both on your computer. 

Step 3. Connect A USB Drive To The Computer 

You have to transfer the file to the stereo from the PC with a thumb drive. Connect your thumb drive to any of the USB ports of your computer. 

Step 4. Format The Drive 

You will have to format the drive before you transfer the files. The drive needs to be in FAT32 format when you transfer the files. So, right-click on the thumb drive icon and select format. You will get a pop-up menu afterward.

Look for the format option. It should be set to NTFS. Click on it, and you will find a drop-down menu with a few other options. Choose FAT32 and format the drive. If you transfer the files without formatting the thumb drive to FAT32, the files will get corrupted. So you won’t be able to transfer them to the stereo. 

Nothing should be on your drive when you move the update files. No matter how much available space you have, keep the drive memory completely free. 

Step 5. Unzip The Zip File 

Now, unzip the zip file you downloaded. Click on the extracted folder and check if you find two files there with .fir and .srec extensions. If you do, then you are good to go. 

Step 6. Transfer The Extracted Folder To The Drive 

Send the folder you just unzipped to your thumb drive. 

Step 7. Connect The Drive To Your Car’s USB Port 

Head towards the car with your flash drive. Connect the drive to the USB port. You should see the ‘’Reading the USB’’ notification on the screen. A few seconds later, it should show ‘’No Files’’. Did something go wrong? No, it didn’t! It’s expected to get a ‘’no files’’ notification. Let’s find out what to do next. 

Step 8. Go To ‘’Firmware Upgrade’’ 

Hit the home button and enter settings. Find the about option and click. You should see ‘’Firmware Upgrade.’’Click it. You should see some notification bars afterward.If they are moving, then the update installation is underway. This should take a few minutes. Don’t remove the USB before the process is complete. 

Step 9. Wait For The Stereo To Reboot 

After the update is complete, the stereo will reboot. Don’t take out the USB from the port just yet. The screen should show ‘’Reading USB’’ and ‘’No Files’’ once again. After the ‘’No Files’’ text appears, remove the USB. 

Step 10. Check The Firmware Version 

Click the home button and then go to setup. Enter the about option and check the current version of the firmware. It should show a higher version than the previously installed one. That means your stereo firmware has been updated to the latest version. Even if you reset the stereo, the updated firmware version will remain. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do I Unlock My Alpine Radio? 

If you get completely locked out of your Alpine head unit, you can request the radio code from the seller you have purchased the radio from. Once you put in the code, you will be able to access the unit without resetting it and removing your old data. 

Can I Watch Movies On Alpine ILX-W650?

Yes, you can play movies on your Alpine ILX-W650. You will have to connect a smartphone to the stereo over Bluetooth. The video will play on the stereo screen when you play video content on the phone. However, you cannot play DVDs or Bluray discs on Alpine ILX-W650.

Final Words 

Besides telling you how to reset Alpine ILX-W650, we felt it’s also necessary to tell you how to install firmware updates. We attempt to reset the stereo when the performance deteriorates and the features start to malfunction. But sometimes, a reset might not fix the problems. So, you should try upgrading to the latest firmware version released by Alpine for your radio.

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